Certified Engines

Barrett Precision Engines, Inc. is an FAA-certified Class 1 Powerplant Repair Station. BPE maintains strict adherence to Manufacturers’ overhaul parts replacement requirements, SB and AD compliance. Each overhauled or repaired component is inspected using our rigorous quality control standards before return to service. BPE maintains total parts traceability and documented test cell data using our in-house developed dynamometer test cell. Frequently used for research and development and manufacturing certification tests, our test cell is widely regarded as one of the most advanced dynos in the industry. Test cell data is collected electronically, downloaded, and a copy is furnished with each engine along with proper documentation on all work accomplished, Service Bulletin and FAA-AD compliance, an itemized parts list and maintenance releases for vendors for your records.


Fly behind a BPE engine and feel the difference. Overhauling all Lycoming and Teledyne Continental engines to Factory New Limits with FAA approved value added processes result in an engine with unsurpassed power, efficiency and reliability to the certified aircraft owner/operator. Some models are available on an exchange basis, limiting down time. Contact us directly for current pricing and availability infomration on your engine overhaul requirements.


Time-to-continue repairs are available for the customers who experience problems with mid-time engines. From cylinder repairs to required SB compliance needs, BPE applies the same high standards on all work and dynos repaired engines to ensure your satisfaction.

Teardown Inspections and Prop Strike Inspections

BPE helps ensure compliance with mandated prop strike inspections. All TDIs are completed with a focus on getting you back in the air safely and witha reliable engine to fly behind.

Prop strike inspections include an incoming compression check, teardown, non-destructive testing, 500 hour magneto inspection, our FAA approved value added processes including crankshaft balancing, paint, assembly testing and foam crating for secure shipment back to you. All pricing includes the following parts replacement as required by the manufacturer: rod bolts and nuts, rod and main bearings, all gaskets and gear attaching bolts, magneto cushions, all locking devices, writ pin plugs, thrust buttons, counterweight washers, silicon rocker box gaskets, drain hoses and oil filters.


4 Cylinder Engines               $7,200

6 Cylinder Engines               $8,200

Turbo Charged Engines     $9,300

** Pricing effective 8/1/2008 and does not include cylinder repairs, hidden damage due to sudden stoppage or corrosion, magneto repairs beyond standard 500 hour inspection charges.