content-4Barrett Precision Engines, Inc. was founded by Monty Barrett. After ending a successful run as a nationally ranked flat track racer, Monty took to the skies as a corporate pilot. Finishing a homebuilt Steen Skybolt in 1983, Monty focused his recreation time on aerobatic competition and air show flights. It wasn’t long before Monty was building engines for the likes of Hale Wallace, Wayne Handley, Tom Jones, and the then up-and-coming aerobatic competitor, Patty Wagstaff. Applying his engineering background, Monty quickly became recognized as the “go to” man for high performance engine work in the field.

Barrett Precision Engines, Inc. (formerly known as Barrett Performance Aircraft) was founded by Monty Barrett on the premise that field overhauled and built engines should far exceed factory engines in terms of performance, reliability, quality control and testing. The company is a small, low-volume facility which concentrates on premium “top of the line” overhauls/repairs, experimental kit engines and high performance modification work. Collectively, BPE personnnel have over 80 years of aircraft pwer plant experience.

Today, BPE is run by Allen and Rhonda Barrett. An unwavering commitment to customer service and support for the general aviation community sets us apart from the competition, making BPE the first choice for thousands of satisfied customers throughout the world.